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Our mission is to be a credible, well recognized supplier of chemicals and related products in the markets we serve through supply of quality products and professionalism in our service. We have a skillful team with expertise in the chemicals industry to provide our customers with technical support and excellent service.


We are consistent in providing outstanding service to our customers. Our business partners with local manufacturers to continuously ensure reliability of supply to our customers. Our products meet the quality standards as required in their application.


We partner with stakeholders with shared value, and who are active, in social and economic development addressing the socio-economic challenges within our country. We operate with high business standards building a well reputable company in the industry sustaining strategic relationships that add value to our business.

Our Company

Axiom ChemLab Supplies is a company that supplies and distributes a range of chemical products and related materials. It is a customer-orientated organization with a product offer to various industries including, but not limited to, mining; research & analytical; medical; and water treatment industries throughout South Africa. Axiom ChemLab Supplies is a proudly South African black women-owned entity that was established in 2014. Our aim is to be consistent in providing relevant solutions to our customers in the ever-changing market environment meeting their expectations at all times. We are dedicated to supplying solutions and meeting customer requirements through strategic partnerships with first-class local manufacturers. We forge stable strategic relationships with stakeholders in the private, public and other sectors. We distribute to all provinces within South Africa.

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